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Submit COVID test results here

Kellogg Center Layout

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Committee Room Assignments

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Lunch Blocks on Saturday

Block A

Brody: King Tut, UNDP, Chicago

Case: Germanic, Quebec, Castro

Block B

Brody: SPECPOL, UN 5th Committee, DNR, CSW

Case: UNSC, Jamestown, Philippines

Block C

Brody: IAEA, World Cocoa, Ad Hoc, Camelot, IPACC

Deadlines and To-Do

  • Position Paper:   
  • Payment ($200.63):  
  • 3 Forms:   (bring to our meeting)
  • Transportation: ASAP and let Alex know! Thanks đŸ™‚
  • Book COVID PCR test between Monday and Friday (14th and 18th)
  • Notify your teachers of absence (on Friday, the 18th)

Yes, these are hard deadlines

COVID-19 Testing Resource

Required Forms

Please print, sign, and submit on Monday

  1. Driver information form  (Don't need to submit if your parent(s) are not the one(s) driving you) 
    1. Ignore principal signature field
  2. RCS Field Trip form 
  3. MSUMUN Contract 

Position Papers


  1. Typed
  2. Single-spaced
  3. 12 pt font, 1 inch margins
  4. 500 words minimum (between all papers/topics)
  5. GA and Specialized: written in third person, as a representative of your country/person
  6. One paper per topic
  7. Citations not needed

List delegate name, country/character, committee, topic in the first 4 lines of your paper

Further Guidance

Background: Definitions of terms, stats on who is affected by the problem, how many people, broader worldly implications, …

Past UN actions: Programs, events, resolutions - what other countries participated too? These can be allies to you.

Domestic policies: Your country and its leaders’ beliefs on what the world should do, and why. MUST be country’s opinion, not your own - maybe you disagree with human trafficking but if your country’s economy relies on it… you have to agree with it

Possible solutions: How can the committee improve on what happened in the past, keeping in line with your country’s stances?

Further Resources (examples too)


Due to RCS policy, you cannot drive yourself. Please ask a parent to drive you and ask if they can drive other people - let's save the environment đŸ™‚


$200.63 covers your hotel room (2 nights @ Marriott) and all other fees.

Additional Info

March 18th to 20th, 2022

Hotel: East Lansing Marriott: 300 M. A. C. Ave, East Lansing, MI 48823

Departure on Friday, March 18th around 10am

Committee Assignments and rooming arrangements

Conference Itinerary 

Things You Should Bring

  • Smartphone
  • Spending money
  • Masks
  • Business professional clothes (2 days)
  • Casual clothes
  • ...
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