This guide provides a tutorial for the basic usage of the Star Wars Celebration Sweepstakes bot.


This guide assumes you have already purchased a license key for the bot. The license key looks like: UNIXFY-StarWars-xxxxxxxxxxxx

License keys are specific to each product. A key for this bot will not work on other products.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Install Google Chrome, version 87 or above.
  2. Download the ZIP file provided to you upon purchase, and extract it.
  3. Put the license key you received into the licensekey.txt file. This is required for the operation of the bot.
  4. Fill data.csv using Microsoft Excel. You must fill out the email field. Leave other fields blank to automatically generate them in Step 4.
    1. If the first_name field is blank, the generator script will automatically generate: first_name, and last_name
  5. Run generator.exe. You can open data.csv again to check that names were generated.
  6. Close Excel if it is still open.
  7. Run bot.exe. Once an account has been processed, you will see "TRUE" in the "Completed" column for each account inside data.csv.

Important to Know

  • Since the bot needs to fill out a ReCaptcha for every email that is submitted, it will take some time for all accounts to be processed. Please be patient.
  • You must have Google Chrome installed on the computer you are using to run this bot.
  • As far as I know, no confirmation emails are sent when the form is successfully submitted. However, you should see a confirmation page in the Chrome window as soon as the bot completes a submission. 
  • A Chrome window will open when you run the bot, this is totally normal. You can watch the bot's progress through it.

Potential Issues

  • A small group of users encountered warnings about the ZIP file containing a virus. The ZIP file does not contain a virus. You can bypass this error by temporarily disabling your antivirus's Real Time Protection feature.
  • The bot may crash immediately after being opened. This is usually because of a rate limit or similar. You can check output.log for more details.
  • If you can't resolve the issue on your own, please open a ticket for support.