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Upgrade iBMC/BIOS Firmware - Huawei v3 Grantley servers

This guide was performed on a Huawei RH 1288v3 server.


  • Open the iBMC web UI.
  • Create an account on Huawei Uniportal and register your server's serial number in the portal.
  • Download the latest biosimage.hpm and image.hpm files from Huawei Software Downloads section. They will be used for the BIOS and the iBMC firmware respectively.



  • The link to see the upgrade guide (or download the new firmware versions) requires a Huawei Uniportal account with a server SN registered.
  • Don't worry about the "intermediate version" steps. There is no way to download the intermediate versions, and skipping it will not cause an issue with upgrades.
  • Note that both the iBMC and BIOS use the same Firmware Upgrade page in the iBMC web UI at System > Firmware Upgrade.
  • After submitting the upgrade file for the BIOS, the server needs to be rebooted and then the BIOS update will take place. You can monitor the upgrade progress on the iBMC remote console, which must be opened before rebooting the server to upgrade.
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