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Access Avago/LSI BIOS Config Utility - Huawei v3 Grantley servers

Tutorial to access the LSI RAID controller's BIOS configuration utility on Huawei Grantley-platform servers.

My server is Huawei RH 1288 v3 using an LSI SAS 2308 onboard RAID card.


  • Open iBMC web interface and log in
  • Install Java >=8 on your service computer


  1. Open the IPMI remote console in the iBMC (rightmost button in the iBMC web interface). Connect to the remote console.
  2. Hard reset the server using the option in the toolbar.
  3. After the "Welcome to The Server" dialog, the Avago BIOS loading stage will start. It will prompt you to press CTRL+C after initialization (takes about 30 seconds).
  4. Press Ctrl+C at the prompt, and wait for the configuration to load.
  5. Done!
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